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Exide 7 Ah Battery | FXL0-XL7B-B Xplore

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Why Choose Exide Xplore FXL0-XL7B-B Bike Battery

Exide Batteries are global leaders, manufacturers and distributors of batteries for a vast and ever increasing range of Automotive Battery and Transportation uses. If you need a battery then choose well, choose Exide two wheeler Batteries.

Exide Xplore 7 Ah Bike Battery Online or Exide Two Wheeler Battery

Exide Xplore Bike batteries Design Features and benefits

  • The product comes with an acid level indicator
  • Its capacity is 7 AH with superior charge efficiency
  • The battery layout is left and right aligned
  • No top up is required

To ensure the joy of driving uninterrupted, order lead acid batteries online at RihalBattery.com

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  • Delivered in 2 – 24 Hours*
  • Free Delivery & Installation
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  • Exide

  • FXL0-XL7B-B


  • 7 Ah

  • 24 Months Free of Cost + 24 Months Pro-rata

  • In Stock

  • 1560

  • Note: Price with old battery take back is price of the New Battery – (minus) Scrap price of your Old Battery. Your Old Battery Should be of Same AH Capacity as the New Battery Ordered. If not Price with Old Battery Take Back will differ.

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