Exide EEZY 65Ah Battery

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  • Exide EEZY (65 Ah)

  • FEP0-EGRID700
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  • 7354.00
  • Note: Your Old Battery Should be of Same AH Capacity as the New Battery Ordered. If not Price with Old Battery Take Back will differ. For help Call +91-9660343547


Currently Exide EEZY is the latest entrant from Exide with very good Hybrid Alloy System ensures that the battery withstand the hardest environment and high under-bonnet temperatures. Exide EEZY has been developed with years of expertise and experience which make them up to the standard in this highly challenging field.

Exide EEZY Features :

  • Using new Lead-Tin-Calcium Alloy that helps to deliver higher cranking current and longer shelf life.
  • Battery made of Punched Plate from rolling sheet provides superior corrosion resistance & electrical conductivity.
  • Special self locking Handle design reduces chance of accidents due to come out of Handle from the battery.
  • Magic Eye : For determination of Electrolyte level & state of charge.
  • Product styling & visual aspect provides robust structure & sealed look externally.
  • Factory-charged in ready-to-use condition

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